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The Nightcap Tapes 07 - Who Invented This Genre?

Two guys in a hotel bar, late at night having a nightcap after their gig. Conversations so interesting that you might want to record them and make a podcast out of it. Wait, we could do just that! 

And here we are, Stefan Leisering and Stefan Ulrich from Jazzanova Live! share their thoughts and takes on music that influenced them a great deal and regularly digress into various other topics, making this a fun, insightful and never boring listening experience!

Stefan & Stefan jump into the vast topic of genres and try to solve the puzzle of how they come to be and who can claim ownership (spoiler: no one). From Motown to Disco to Techno, from Garage Rock to Punk to New Wave, how did it all happen? These questions could only be approached with a nightcap and some actual music being played....

Songs -

Paul McCartney – Temporary Secretary

MFSB – Love Is the Message

A Number Of Names – Shari Vari

Stooges – I Wanna Be Your Dog

The Sonics – Have Love Will Travel

New Order – Elegia

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