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The Nightcap Tapes 05 - The Albums-Discussion (Part 1)

Two guys in a hotel bar, late at night having a nightcap after their gig. Conversations so interesting that you might want to record them and make a podcast out of it. Wait, we could do just that! 

And here we are, Stefan Leisering and Stefan Ulrich from Jazzanova Live! share their thoughts and takes on music that influenced them a great deal and regularly digress into various other topics, making this a fun, insightful and never boring listening experience!

The title needs no further explanation, maybe only the note that Stefan & Stefan did their best not to be too nostalgic and unequivocally negative about the recent developments that are all pointed against the thriving of the artform known as the album in the broader landscape of music production...

Songs –

De La Soul – Mack Daddy On The Left

Carole King – Will You Still Love Me?

Donnie Hathaway – You've Got A Friend (Live)

Quincy Jones – You've Got It Bad Girl

Stevie Wonder – Golden Lady

Frank Ocean – Solo (Reprise)

Mentions / Facts -

The consumer type Compact Cassette was in fact invented in 1962 and introduced to the public in the following 2 years.

„Raindrops Keep Fallin on my Head“ - from the movie „Butch Cassidy And The Dundance Kid“

Quincy Jones – The Pawnbroker (Soundtrack)

Quincy Jones – Gula Matari

Eric B. & Rakim – My Melody

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