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The Kronicles 02

For the past 13 years DJ Amir has been blessed to tour the world extensively. First as one half of the trailblazing DJ duo Kon and Amir. Currently, DJ Amir tours internationally and runs his own label: 180 Proof Records.

Thanks again everyone for tuning in! My latest episode of The Kronicles is heavy on the boogie, disco and a bit of broken beat. This is a more uplifting mix which in these times we all need! Enjoy!


Change - Love 4 Love (Joey Negro Remix) Nancy Martin - Can’t Believe Sheeba - We Should Get Together Brian Keith - Touch Me (Love Me Tonite) Samson & Delilah - I Can Feel Your Love Slipping (Instrumental) Jitwam - Enchante Jitwam - Where You Gonna Go Universal Robot Band - Disco Boogie Woman (Al Kent Edit) Super Prince - Start Again Split Decision Band - Watching Out Charles Mann - Sho Nuff No Funny Stuff Universe City - Can You Get Down (Kon Edit) Shirley Lites - Heat You Up Jo Bisso - I Wanna Love (Al Kent Edit) Alex and his Messengers - Hail to Guyana (Edit) Henri-Pierre Noel - Funky Spider (Dance The Reflex Revision) Wayne Ford - Ford Freak (Edit)

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The Kronicles 01

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