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TGN 11: Theresa

Everyone knows one. Everyone has one. The neighbor who always knows the coolest places to go, the hottest music to listen to and the latest news to spread around. We want to be that neighbor - sharing all the great stories and sounds around our neighborhood of artists and creatives.

Be sure to check out our mixcloud channel where we are hosting several radio shows from our creative community playing everything from jazz to hip hop, from soul to electronic. From and for music lovers.

This is not only about music and neighborhood. It’s about friendship. And sisterhood, brotherhood. It’s about being really close to each other in closeness and being close to each other in distance. It is the deep belief in more connection over separation. Could be in a song or a feeling. Even across continents or life realities.


Theresa Rütermann a.k.a. Theresixx is one charming part of the Terrorchicks from Mannheim, now residing in Hamburg. Music has always been an essential part of her life: In her early childhood not bothering dad when he was practicing the guitar, but instead learning to listen. "Disco" with the younger brother in their shared room. Adolescence per definition a time that couldn’t be imagined without Lauryn Hill (in a subjective view). Together with her friend Angelixx, she spreads music with the Terrorchicks ("We can only give you everything") for 11 years – somewhere and nowhere between Rave, Art by Max Beckmann and Hamburg Filmfestival. Boundaries between genres blur as memories of a fabulous night do. In other words: "All music is escapism for me, but I like the way that, on a good night, that sense of escapism can be shared." (Jamie xx).


You can listen to her other Mixes on


Life is a journey. This Guest Mix too. Cheers

– Theresa


01 Donald Byrd – Cristo Redentor

02 Camilla George – Creatio – Abasi and Atai (feat. SANITY, Daru Jones)

03 Terry Callier – You’re Gonna Miss Your Candyman

04 MFB – Mysteries of The World

05 Hade – Hausmaschine Alpha

06 The Duritti Column – Otis

07 Sault – Higher

08 Joyce – Aldeia de Ogum

09 Cosmic Force – Trinidad Bump

10 Typesun – Last Home

11 John Sureman – Edges of Illusion

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