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TGN 09: A-Lo

Everyone knows one. Everyone has one. The neighbor who always knows the coolest places to go, the hottest music to listen to and the latest news to spread around. We want to be that neighbor - sharing all the great stories and sounds around our neighborhood of artists and creatives.

Be sure to check out our mixcloud channel where we are hosting several radio shows from our creative community playing everything from jazz to hip hop, from soul to electronic. From and for music lovers.

Anne Lorenz aka A-Lo is a DJ, music journalist, radio broadcaster, promoter and passionate sound-digger. The jewels she discovers on her treasurehunts on music blogs, Bandcamp & Co during the day are directly sent through the speakers onto the dance floor at night. The chosen Cologne-native doesn't stop at genre boundaries, degrees of latitude or beats per minute. Behind the faders she mixes electronical music with organic soundscapes, heavy basslines with filigree melodies and vintage grooves with future vibes. In her set for The Good Neighbor, A-Lo tries to show her full range without interrupting the flow. Geographically the trip goes from South Africa to Brazil, from Japan to Egypt and from Canada to Portugal.


Miriam Makeba – Siyavuya

Ernie and The Top Notes, Inc. - “Dap Walk” (Mr Boom Remix)

Groove Masters - Bad Mood

Marcos Valle – Estrelar (Montèr Bass Flip)

Brodie Dunaway - No Time Like Tomorrow

Byron The Aquarius feat MDMA – 未来主義

Andre Wiken – Nube Vielen

COEO - Libyan Sun

Soshi Takeda – Kawanobori

HNNY – Good

BéTé – Habibi Disco Edit #1

Poirier – Royal Royal

D'Cantwo Jr. & Progressivu – CIDRA

Hamid El Shaeri – Ayonha

Deke Tom Dollard – Na You

Basa Basa – Together We Win

Tommy Rawson - Vic's Music Box

Batida feat. Poté – Ah!

Jr. Thomas & The Volcanos – Lava Rock

Los Sonor's – Senderito de Amor

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