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TGN 07: Jon Tattersall

Everyone knows one. Everyone has one. The neighbor who always knows the coolest places to go, the hottest music to listen to and the latest news to spread around. We want to be that neighbor - sharing all the great stories and sounds around our neighborhood of artists and creatives.

Be sure to check out our mixcloud channel where we are hosting several radio shows from our creative community playing everything from jazz to hip hop, from soul to electronic. From and for music lovers.

The 90’s era is when I (Jon) started dabbling in DJ Mixes, buying records from Eastern Bloc & 2nd Hand gems from Vinyl Exchange & Decoy Records for the more leftfield / Jazzy numbers. During this time I was working at another Factory owned establishment Dry Bar 201, and it was here I had my first regular DJ gig. I travelled to Ibiza a few times in the early 90’s visiting Pacha, KU & ending up in Space, and they is when I really fell for the Balearic sound. I moved to Vital Distribution / PIAS where we handled Sales & Marketing for all the major indie labels such as Warp, Ninja Tune, Mute, Beggars, XL, Domino, Rough Trade, Soul Jazz, Defected, Fabric etc. I found my indie roots again + all the amazing records these labels were releasing. I was like a kid in a candy store. This obviously influenced my eclectic style when putting together a mix. . I moved to Copenhagen, Denmark in 2011 and shortly after started working at Music For Dreams.  I started to do the Copenhagen Balearic Mixes on Mixcloud just shortly before that. The idea was just to to throw down what I was currently listening to, so I could refer back. Together with my Mixcloud mixes, I also curate playlists (personal & for clients) and do the odd Dj set every now & again when the sun shines.


Greg Dallas - May Rain

Sun Creatures - Aviators

Johnny Nash - Mr. Sea

Poolside - Harvest Moon (The Album Leaf Remix)

SONLIFE - On Wings

Mungo’s Hi Fi x Kiko Bun - Riddim General

Other Lands - See Sharp

Nicolas Godin - The Border

The Primitive Painter - Levitation

Ubaruh - Ubaruh’s Theme

Guruku - Love Runaway ft. Tamara Lee (Ray Mang Remix)

bosq - Song For Ehi feat. The Ibibio Horns & Kaleta

Chewy Rubs - Machine Music (Original Mix)

Equip - XXXO

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