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TGN 04: SebCat

Everyone knows one. Everyone has one. The neighbor who always knows the coolest places to go, the hottest music to listen to and the latest news to spread around. We want to be that neighbor - sharing all the great stories and sounds around our neighborhood of artists and creatives.

Be sure to check out our mixcloud channel where we are hosting several radio shows from our creative community playing everything from jazz to hip hop, from soul to electronic. From and for music lovers.

Rebel Up Records was started in 2018 by SebCat, based in Brussels, Belgium. The label focusses on 'global sounds' which can be everything from contemporary traditionals to jazz, rock, electronic and other hybrid styles. Rebel Up is a promoter & organiser of events, concerts and nightlife parties in the Brussels underground and beyond and also curates stages at Belgian festivals such as Listen Festival and La Nature. Rebel Up also hosts weekly & monthly radio shows on Radio Campus Bruxelles and BRUZZ radio as well as monthly sessions on Kiosk Radio and frequent sessions / mixtapes for We Are Various radio (Belgium) Lusophonica (Portugal), East Side Radio (Portugal) and Radio Campus France.

In this mixtape SebCat selected warm listening sounds mostly from his own Rebel Up records releases plus some recent Belgian and international selections from a few other labels too.


Kaito Winse – Di Nya La

Schroothoop – Obsolescence Programmée

Trance Plantations – Mbira Bari

Amari – Tariq Al Sahara

Deli Teli – Chily Chily

Muito Kaballa Power Ensemble – Chung

Muito Kaballa Power Ensemble – Mamari (Rafael Aragon Remix

Ayuune Sule – Life Is A Journey

Black Flower feat. Meskerem Mees – Morning In The Jungle

Quantic & Nidia Gongora – Adiós Chacón

Nikanor – Yaku

Susobrino – La Marcha

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