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TGN 01: Delfonic // Brazil Special

Everyone knows one. Everyone has one. The neighbor who always knows the coolest places to go, the hottest music to listen to and the latest news to spread around. We want to be that neighbor - sharing all the great stories and sounds around our neighborhood of artists and creatives.

Be sure to check out our mixcloud channel where we are hosting several radio shows from our creative community playing everything from jazz to hip hop, from soul to electronic. From and for music lovers.

"During these weird times without feeling music in clubs and open airs, I was doing this mix with an imagination to be at the beach and wanna listen to some positive dance music. And in the end the new Paz e Futebol compilation inspired me to do my first brazil mix ever. To make the mix a little bit more special, I made around 8 exclusive edits …." - Delfonic


Sandra de Sá - Olhos Coloridos

Jorge Ben - Rio Babilônia

Chico Batera - A Ilha

Marilia Barbosa - Manifesto

Marcos Valle - Estrelar (Delfonic Edit)

Armando Cusopoli - Non C'è Sole (Delfonic Edit)

Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti - Aleluia

Carlos Dafé - De Alegria Raiou O Dia

Almir Ricardi - Festa Funk

Sandra De Sa - Guarde Minha Voz

Chico de Abreu - Feito Crianca

Cassiano - Central Do Brasil

Hanna - Deixa Roder

Carlinhos Santos e Grupo Céu - Nagô

San Rodrigues - Fofa

Banda Black Rio - Expresso Madureira

Sonia Burnier - Por_Isso_Eu_Canto

Robson Robson - Funk-Funk-La

Emilio Santiago - O Amigo De Nova York

Clara Nunes - Canto Das Tres Racas (Mr Mendel Edit)

Germanuu - Fale De Mim (Delfonic Edit)

Don Beto - Tudo Novamente (Delfonic Edit)

Painel De Controle - Relax

Trio Ternura - Vou Morar No Teu Sorriso (Delfonic Edit)

Valeria - Marcação (Delfonic Edit)

Eliana Pittman - Quem Vai Querer

Tim Maia - Você E Eu, Eu E Você (Juntinhos)

Ronaldo Reseda - Bobos Da Corte

Tarántulas - Saiba Ser Feliz (Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough) (Delfonic Edit)

Elza Soares - Som Amor Trabalho E Progresso

Eliana Pittman - quem vai querer (Delfonic Edit)

Emílio Santiago - Mais Que Um Momento (Delfonic Edit)

Sandra De Sa - Negra Flor (Delfonic Edit)

Don Beto - Renaseendo Em Mim (Delfonic Edit)

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