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Further In Fusion - 11/03/21 – No Categories

Further In Fusion is a music radio show (since 2000) appearing fortnightly on the local independent non commercial station Radio Corax 95.9 FM in Halle (Germany) and is hosted by DJ and producer Mark Bailey.

The show is about all kinds of quality music reaching from Soul to Jazz, Funk to Disco, House to Broken Beats, Afro to Indie and beyond.

In this episode the show focuses once again on brand new releases and essential classics. "No Categories" brings it all together: Soul, Jazz, Latin,Funk, Broken Beat, Afro, Electronic ... just an eclectic selection.


Alice Coltrane – A Love Supreme / Impulse!

Muriel Grossmann – Happiness / RR Gems

Daniel Casimir – New Waters / Jazz re:freshed

Tetsuo Sakurai – Kimono / 180g

Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18 - Olá! / Légère Recordings

Quantic & Nidia Góngora – El Chiclan / Tru Thoughts

Bubaza – Battlestar / All-Town Sound

Julian Dyne – Water / Soundway Records

Opaque Structures – Little Kalimba Groove / DPercussion Recordings

Contours – Conga Quinto (Dub) / Band On The Wall

Khalab – Neba / Hyperjazz Records

Bentley & Horatio Luna – Bingo Bongo / Foshe Records

Flow Treats – Say Yeah! (Skippy Beats Flex) / Shall I Bruk It

Incognito – Summer’s Ended (FIF Radio Edit) / Ensign

Jay Richford & Gary Stevan - Running Fast / Be With Records (Re-Issue)

Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange – Tightrope / Get Together Records

Greentea Peng - Risin' / Different

Makaya McCraven – Sunset / Blue Note

Bugseed – Straight From The Gate / Cheeba Cheeba Records

Ben LaMar Gay - Mestre Candeia's Denim Hat / International Anthem

Irreversible Entanglements - Keys To Creation / International Anthem

Black Flower - O Fogo / Sdban Ultra

Jimi Tenor & UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra – Pharos Sunset / (self-release)

Theatre West – Cool Out Your Mind / Strut

NeONE the Wonderer – Nose Dive / Brownswood Recordings

Kahil El'Zabar Quartet - A Time For Healing / Spiritmuse Records

Ashley Henry – My Voice / Melanin Records

Nightmares On Wax – Up To Us / Warp Records

Marcus Harvey – You Wouldn’t Understand / Paradise Sound System

OAKK – Butter & Gold / 20/20 LDN Recordings

DJ Poolboi – Early You / Shall Not Fade

Misha Panfilov Sound Combo - Few Layers For Smith / Funk Night

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