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Further In Fusion - 07/28/21 – FIF 21 Takeover: PATRICK FORGE

Further In Fusion is a music radio show (since 2000) appearing fortnightly on the local independent non commercial station Radio Corax 95.9 FM in Halle (Germany) and is hosted by DJ and producer Mark Bailey.

The show is about all kinds of quality music reaching from Soul to Jazz, Funk to Disco, House to Broken Beats, Afro to Indie and beyond.

Celebrating the 21st anniversary of the freestyle radio show, this special episode is musically compiled and hosted by PATRICK FORGE (Da Lata/London).


Scrimshire ft. Nat Birchall & Faye Houston - I Hear You, I See You / Albert’s Favourites

Old and New Dreams - Mopti / ECM Records

Rip Rig + Panic - Change Your Life / Virgin

Julien Babinga - M'Bongui Percussions / Julien Babinga Records

Da Lata - Jungle Kitten / Da Lata Music

Smoke City – Jug / Humble Records

Sun Ra Tribute - Stardust From Tomorrow (Yannah Valdevit Remix) / Deja Vu

Likwid Biskit - Senor Yesterday / People

Masabumi Kikuchi With Gil Evans – Priestess / Fontana

Tamba Trio – Quadros / RCA

Zimbo Trio - Laurecy Até Ja / Discos RGE

Orquestra Afrosinfônica – Orin / Think! Records

Benoit Widemann - Des Îles / Ballon Noir

Clyde Criner - Celebration / Novus

Wütrio - Hallo Hoeppel / Thein

Celestial Being - Raise The Vibration / Celestial Being

Boy Katindig - The Way I Feel / A&W Records

JD73’s Electrio - Swing Til It Hurts / Atjazz Record Company

Larry Bright - Aura Pt. II / Crosswind

The Claus Ogerman Orchestra – Caprice / Warner Bros.

Kaidi Tatham - If You Smile At Me, I Will Smile Back 2 / ???

Roy Ayers Ubiquity - This Side Of Sunshine / Polydor

Weldon Irvine - Liberated Brother / Nodlew Music

Azar Lawrence - Theme For A New Day / Prestige

Working Week – Venceremos / Palladin Records

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