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Further In Fusion - 07/27/22 – FIF 22 Takeover: ALLYSHA JOY

Further In Fusion is a music radio show (since 2000) appearing fortnightly on the local independent non commercial station Radio Corax 95.9 FM in Halle (Germany) and is hosted by DJ and producer Mark Bailey.

The show is about all kinds of quality music reaching from Soul to Jazz, Funk to Disco, House to Broken Beats, Afro to Indie and beyond.

Celebrating the 22nd anniversary of the freestyle radio show, this special episode is musically compiled and hosted by ALLYSHA JOY (30/70 Collective/Melbourne).


Close Counters - In Need Of Love / (self-release)

STR4TA - When You Call Me / Brownswood Recordings

Allysha Joy - G.N.D. / First Word

Horatio Luna - Hotter Than 1000 Suns / (self-release)

Foshe & Horatio Luna - Bamboo Bop / Foshe Records

Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange - Logans Run (Àbáse Remix) / The Jazz Diaries

Goodmood — Disko Bunny / Energy Exchange Records

Dave Lee & Omar - Starlight / Z Records

Dego - It Don't Get No Better / 2000Black

Allysha Joy - Calling You (ft. Ego Ella May) / First Word

Ausecuma Beats & Z*F*E*X - Deep Heat (ft. Rara Zulu) / Music In Exile

Steve Spacek & Yazmin Lacey - Another Like This (Shy One Edit) / Boomerang Records

Kaidi Tatham - Feeling Happy / Sounds Familiar

Sampology - Running Arround (Ron Trent Remix) / Middle Name Records

Afronaught - Shapin' Fluid / R&S Records

Makèz - Holy Sun / Heist Recordings

Interface Palm - Head In The iClouds / Broken District

Setwun - Baby Who / (forthcoming)

The Politik - Money (Don't Let It Catch Ya) / Antipodeon Records

Nathan Haynes ft. Verna Francis - Earth Is The Place (Restless Soul Peaktime Mix) / Foliage Records

Oliver NIght - Welcome / CoOp Presents

K15 - Tomorrow's Promise / Sounds Familiar

Sempra - Play / Future Classic

Allysha Joy - Healers (ft. Dancing Water) / First Word

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