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Different Drum Berlin 35

Different Drum is a monthly show with an utterly eclectic, rhythm-centric and quality-first approach.

Ground control to Major Tobi! Orbiting the controls on a one-man mission for this latest instalment of Different Drum Berlin is selector Tobi Kirsch. Delivering a floating one-hour mix of interplanetary goodness, this one takes listeners to the stars on a genre- and gravity-defying exploration of the musical cosmos, spanning outernational reggae and griot ancestry, nostalgic grooves, tropical soul and sacred beats, Brazilian rhythms and Peruvian cumbia, German funk, Japanese jazz, Middle Eastern breakbeats, ambient techno, exhilarating broken beat and serious drugs. Happy 2023 everyone, this is #35.


Gecko Turner - Come & Try - Lovemonk

Kimi Djabaté - Afonhe - Cubancha

J Felix feat Chloe Dobur - Nostalgia - Jakarta

David Walters feat KOG- Gimme love - Heavenly Sweetness

Nina Simone -Baltimore ( Nirso Edit) - self

Deela - Sacred Fires - Switchstance

RAF Vilar - Sou Tropical - Ajabu

Los Invasores de Progresso- La Bola Buche - Analog Africa

The Mighty Mocambos - Let the Music play (live)- Mocambo

Ebi Soda- Yoshi Orange (Radio Edit) - Truthoughts

Nautilus - The Bottle - Oonops drops

Yasmine Hamdam - K2 (Cubenx Remix)- Glitterbeat

Pie Eye Collective - Regeneration - Albert's Favourites

Melonyx- Ujjaayi (Bruk Rogers Remix) - Truthoughts

Norlyz - Expedition North- Norlyz Records

Nuri - Faza- little beat more

Wildcookie- Serious Drug - Truthoughts

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