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Different Drum Berlin 33

Different Drum is a monthly show with an utterly eclectic, rhythm-centric and quality-first approach.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest drum of all? Returning to the airwaves with a numerologists exclusive, selectors Tobi Kirsch and Lev Nordstrom drop show #33 on November 22, how ‘bout that?! And their latest Different Drum selection is just as gobstopping, ranging from lovey-dovey soul to floating beats, jazz funk to dream funk, Brazilian tropicália to piano-led chorusses, political marches to contemporary afrobeat, South African nujazz to rhythmically-laden ambient spheres, nostalgic lo-fi club tunes to lustful mid-tempo grooves, late-night lavender to digital cumbia, cataclysmic steel drums to Saigon supersounds and a healthy dose of post-punk realism. Mirror that!


Sault - “Fight For Love”

Forever Living Originals

Please Wait, Ta-ku, Matt McWaters - “Flight 99” (moirésun Remix)

Jakarta Records

Flashbaxx - “Strangers” feat. Kathrin Kempf


Lucas Santtana - “Vamos Ficar na Terra”

No Format

OY - “Now Be The Time”

Mouthwatering Records

Lambda 77 - “1 a.m.”

Q-Sounds Recording

4Trackboy & Echomann - “Musik zum Marschieren” (WYL Rework)

Wadada Records

Ezra Collective - “No Confusion” feat. Kojey Radical

Partisan Records

El Payo - “Black Girl From Soweto” feat. Sio

Stay True Sounds

Anchorsong - “Common Ground” (Azido 88 Remix)

Tru Thoughts

DJ Raff - “Nostalgia Por Un Sample”

Earthly Measures

Marcel Vogel & LYMA - “Head Back In The Game”

Boogie Angst

Liam de Bruin - “Lavender”

Heard and Felt

Chancha via Circuito - “El Árbol y El Hacha” feat. Moninja


Eye of the High - “Elevate”

First Word Records

Ban Sao Băng - “Bức Thư Tình Trên Lô Cốt”

Saigon Supersound

Scott Lavene - “Prettiest Peach”

Nothing Fancy

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