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Different Drum Berlin 32

Different Drum is a monthly show with an utterly eclectic, rhythm-centric and quality-first approach.

BOO! Just in time for Halloween, we return with a scarily good new Different Drum selection by Tobi Kirsch and Lev Nordstrom spanning several continents. Show #32 (‘awoooo!’) brings us hazy boombap cuts and soulful vocal chops, quirky guitar pop and singular sonic tapestries, moonwalking neujazz and badass broken beats, Marxist disco and jazzy club grooves, high-fretting electric guitar riffs and polytonal Ethiofunk as well as floating afrobeats, village cuts, Yoruba soul and slow-burner instrumentals. If we have to choose between trick or treat, this one is definitely the latter. Fear ye not.


Pejzaż - “Nadal Lubię...Życie Inaczej”

The Very Polish Cut Outs

Jules Brennan - “Archipelago”

Kyotone Records

Dorian Concept - “You’re Untouchable”


KAU trio. - “Moonwalker”

BMM Records

Key Elements - “Space”

Sonar Kollektiv

Renegades of Jazz - “Honey Badger”


Marxist Love Disco Ensemble - “Dust”


Mop Mop - “Hot Pot”


Kimi Djabaté - “Alidonke”


Black Jesus eXperience - “Shirabey”

Agogo Records

Kutiman - “Canoe”

Siyal Music

K.O.G - “No Way” (Village Cuts Remix)

Heavenly Sweetness

Izy & Osunlade - “They Don’t Care” (Yoruba Soul Extended Mix)

Hopestreet Recordings

Gianni Brezzo - “All The Past”

Jakarta Records

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