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Different Drum Berlin 21

Different Drum is a monthly show with an utterly eclectic, rhythm-centric and quality-first approach.

Show number 21 in year ‘21, how about that?! With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching selectors Tobi Kirsch and Lev Nordstrom serve up an all-you-can-eat buffet of delicious home-cooked treats, blending a wide range of musical flavors: Their latest show brings us high-THC instrumental groovers and introspective breathers, future jazz, dope beats for dope peeps, Jamaican boogie, Ghanaian highlife, Creole reworks, sun-drenched ‘80s house, hypnotic downtempo and radioactive disco reggae. Gobble-gobble!


Rejoicer - “Voodoo At Home (feat. Nitai Hershkovits)”

Raw Tapes

Ego Ella May - “Breathe”


SGJAZZ - “Not So Modern Times”

Melting Pot Music

The Soul Surfers - “Rhythm 2”

Golden Rules

Kabanjak - “Turn It Up”

Switchstance Recordings

Desmond Chambers - “The Morning Show”

Kalita Records

Atakora Manu - “Cape Coast Cousin”


David Walters - “Papa Kossa” (Batida Remix)

Heavenly Sweetness

M. Hook - “Violet”

Star Creature

Passion Social Club - “The Walk”

Sonar Kollektiv

unknown artist - “Palma Rock”

El Guiri Discos

MAUGLI - “Umuhara”


Carthnage - “La Sequía (feat. Dat García)” (NURI Remix)

Little Beat More

Taggy Matcher - “Radioactivity”

Stix Records / Favorite Recordings

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