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Different Drum Berlin 20

Different Drum is a monthly show with an utterly eclectic, rhythm-centric and quality-first approach.

For episode number 20 of their monthly rhythm-centric format selectors Tobi Kirsch and Lev Nordstrom deliver a lush bouquet of late-summer groovers and movers. Starting with horizon-searching beats and ethereal incantations, their latest selection includes downtempo hiphop flavors, layered electronics, regal afrobeat, thumb piano fusion, experimental funk, remixed Saho sounds, illegal jazz, Afro-Brazilian horns, voodoo cuts, Cameroonian dancefloor jewels and a pinch of Fela Soul. Here comes the big 2-0!


BudaMunk & J.Lamotta - “Searching Skies”

Jakarta Records

fika and Bambie - “Love Like Mine”

Tru Thoughts

Cloud of I - “Sail Away”

Batov Records

Park Hye Jin - “Whatchu Doin Later”

Ninja Tune

Little Simz - “Point and Kill (feat. Obongjayar)”

AGE 101

Kondi Band - “It’s God’s World (So Don’t Do Bad) (feat. Sweatson Klank)”

Strut Records

Ivan “Mamão” Conti & grassmass - “A Mina”

New Dawn

Alma Negra - “Haleto Lale Lalô” (Glenn Astro Remix)


Feiertag - “Oaxaca”

Sonar Kollektiv

Delfonic & Kapote - “Lightspeed”

Illegal Jazz

Thiago França presents A Espetacular Charanga do França - “Não Para (Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough)”

Mais Um

Voodoocuts - “El Chino”

Juice on Wax

Jo Bisso - “Give It Up”

Kongamato Recording

Fela Soul - “More Than U Know”

Soul Mates Records

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