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Different Drum Berlin 19

Different Drum is a monthly show with an utterly eclectic, rhythm-centric and quality-first approach.

Here’s a friendly reminder to get vaccinated before the next wave hits! Talking about waves, Different Drum episode number 19 just hit the airwaves as selectors Tobi Kirsch and Lev Nordstrom bring you a fresh dose of mood-boosting vibes, including two tracks off the forthcoming “Two Tribes Vol. 2: an Intercontinental Journey in Rhythm” comp as well as laid-back ‘Bacolearic’ grooves, dreamy guitar loops, Caribbean electro soul, voyaging birds, keys-heavy broken beat, exploratory electronics, Middle Eastern psych, Brazilian downtempo, catchy chord progressions, nu-jazz and Ugandan Nyabingi.


Modula feat. Pamina Chauveau - “Misenetta”

Star Creature

Foken - “Repeat Process”


Dowdelin - “Simé Love”

Underdog Records

Alma Negra - “Oh Mar”

Agogo Records

GUTS feat. Jowee Omicil - “Voyaging Birds”

Agogo Records / Heavenly Sweetness

Kuna Maze - “Bill”

Tru Thoughts

Ben Hauke & Oscar Jerome - “No Need” (Extended Mix)


E.VAX - “Manila”

Because Music

Kutiman - “Guruji”

Siyal Music

Palmer - “Ciclos”

Tropical Twista Records

Beatchild - “Unselfish Desires”

BBE Music

Ebi Soda - “Playstation”

Tru Thoughts

Nilotika Cultural Ensemble - “Oli Kibun’omu”

Switchstance Recordings

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