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Different Drum Berlin 16

Different Drum is a monthly show with an utterly eclectic, rhythm-centric and quality-first approach.

From dusty beats to distinctive vocals and innovative instrumentals, selectors Tobi Kirsch and Lev Nordstrom have put together a sweet new show: Number 16 brings us nostalgic trap, psychedelic R’n’B, leftfield rap, restless turntable wizardry, thrilling folktronica, cosmic jazz and spiritual exploration, wild improvisation, infectious afrobeat and kologo madness, outernational grooves, extended disco and vintage soul, including a final wave to the late Soulphiction.


Kuso Gvki - “Burner Phone”


Greentea Peng - “Dingaling”

Universal Music Group

Rarelyalways & Hanni El Khatib - “Lamenting”

Innovative Leisure

Restless Leg Syndrome - “Hammasichanimmada”

Duzz Down San / Little Beat More

Obadu - “Betyárleves”

Mana Mana Records

H-owl Project - “15:15”

Group Bracil

Jaubi - “Insia”

Astigmatic Records

Koma Saxo - “Erzeben Koma”

We Jazz Records

Graham Mushnik - “Octopus Dance”

Bongo Joe

Jules Hiero & Antonio Neves - “Insomnia (feat. Joana Queiroz)”

Krekpek Records

Malphino - “Ají de Malphino”

Bongo Joe

ONIPA - “Chicken No Dey Fly (feat. Franz Von)”

Boomerang Records

Ayuune Sule - “Putoo Katare Yire”

Rebel Up Records

Mpharanyana & The Peddlers - “Disco” (Jamie 3:26 Extended Edit)

Kalita Records

Arthur - “So Close To You” w/ Maye Cavallaro

BBE Music

Soulphiction - “Angela”

Sonar Kollektiv

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