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Different Drum Berlin 06

Different Drum is a monthly show with an utterly eclectic, rhythm-centric and quality-first approach.

Broadcasting amidst a heatwave, selectors Tobi Kirsch and Lev Nordstrom attempt to keep a level head and deliver another intriguing selection of tracks to make you say ah! From elegantly looping evening vibes, to a conscious Cali collab and on to spy and afro funk, adding a pinch of Latin to the mix. Then it’s all aboard for takeoff as otherworldly house, blazing afro and UK club sounds pave the way for jazzy, melodic and somewhat rude movements into the sunset.


Knowsum - “Le Soir”


Meingo, The Koreatown Oddity - “24 Hours in a Day”


The Sorcerers - “Escape From the Catacombs”


Jimi Tenor - “Lover’s Bridge (Instrumental)”


Raúl Monsalve y los Forajidos - “Cafunga”

(Olindo Records)

Danced Til Midnight - “Demerara Dash”

(Thylacine Sounds)

Otto de Rojas y su Orquesta - “El tema de Coco” (Retro Roland Riso Al Ritmo Remix)


Silvestre - “Tito & Hector”

(Padre Himalaya)

Mina - “One Leg (feat. Bryte)”

(Earth Kicks)

Phoebs & Maxwell Owin - “Come With The Ragga (SE Mix)”


Knowsum - “Kinsey”


Oscar Jerome - “Sun For Someone”


SunPalace, Michael Collins - “Rude Movements”


Abboud Saadi - “Someday”

(Habibi Funk)

Kara - “Neutral Air”

(Leaving Records)

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