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Different Drum Berlin 03

Different Drum is a monthly show with an utterly eclectic, rhythm-centric and quality-first approach.

What’s this we have here? A Berlin-based Israeli trio psyching out on a Turkish classic? A slice of Lybian reggae? Desert funk? Japanese jazz? Senegalese Afro-fusion? Kosher boom bap and some unreleased high-calorie deep house? Selectors Tobi Kirsch and Lev Nordstrom meet in quarantine to distribute some musical booster shots. Tracks by: RAS, Ahmed Ben Ali, Kutiman, Nautilus, Awale Jant Band, De Soto, Kelenkye Band, Chassol, Kit Sebastian, Up, Bustle & Out, Mohammed Zhang, David Nesselhauf, Los Folkloristas x Captain Planet, Master Chivero x Daniel Haaksman, Emma Volard x Horatio Luna.


Different Drum Berlin – Tracklist 03

RAS - “İkimiz Bir Fidanın” Stamp The Wax Ahmed Ben Ali - “Subhana” Habibi Funk Kutiman - “Saluf” Siyal Nautilus - “People Make the World Go Round” Toton Music Awale Jant Band - “Sope” ARC Music De Soto - “Teng The Sleng” Echo Beach Kelenkye Band - “Jungle Music” Mr Bongo Chassol - “Mikado Walking” Tricatel Kit Sebastian - “Pangea” Mr Bongo Up, Bustle & Out - “Silks, Perfumes & Gold” Echo Beach Mohammed Zhang - “Challah Back” Zhangster Records David Nesselhauf - “Space Station” Légère Recordings Los Folkloristas - “El Coco” (Captain Planet remix) Bastard Jazz Master Chivero - “Black September” (Daniel Haaksman edit) BBE Music Emma Volard - “Peanut Butter” (Horatio Luna Remix) unreleased

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